The plan is to purchase or otherwise acquire development rights to the abandoned railway between Macon and Milledgeville, and build a multiple-purpose pathway to provide connectivity and promote health and recreational opportunities.



Trail Route


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Please see also a Yahoo Map of the proposed route.  Download the KML file to Google Earth.



Building a regional trail will take a lot of work.  It requires leadership by responsible citizens and local governments.  This community effort will provide valuable partnership opportunities for Baldwin, Jones, and Bibb counties citizens and elected officials.  Federal matching money is available to organizations and agencies to work together on design, construction, and maintenance.





Feasibility Study

A 35-page document was created by the Middle Georgia Regional Development Center to provide background information on:

Download the entire Feasibility Study (PDF- 215 Mb) (WARNING- This file is very large!!)

Download the Abridged Feasibility Study (PDF- 0.4 Mb)


Key Findings

Almost 250,000 people who live in the counties served could gain

The majority of the route is still owned by CSX, but there are many segments that have been sold or leased to others

The environmental impacts should be minimal

The costs will be significant

But funding is available